JoJoland Woven Scarf

I finally used the second ball of JoJoland I had on hand.  De-stashing continues, and now I have a really long scarf.  K said he might just take this one for himself.  Last summer I made this, and while I like the shawl very much, I was disapointed with the yarn because of a knot and an abrupt color change.  This project went much better, and I used an entire ball to weave this project. 

The warp is a cashmere boucle from Colourmart.  I just used a fraction of the cone.  I made a warp of almost 3 yards, and warped it through a 12 dent reed, 2 ends per dent.  Obviuosly that was still too wide as the twill is not balanced, but I'm happy with the width of the scarf, and the feel of the fabric is perfect.  This is the most complicated thing I've woven yet, and it took a couple of weeks.  I like how the tiny boucle loops peek out and frame the wool.

New favorite scarf.


Additional Hand-Dyed Socks

It's not that I'm into knitting socks.  Generally, I'm not.  It's that a few years ago I attempted shibori dyeing techniques and had a lot of acid dyes on hand.  I picked up a bunch of Knit Picks Bare to try and dye some yarn, and figured that I'd eventually knit socks.  I haven't purchased yarn in months, maybe even a year.  So, I'm going through my stash and I found this yarn I dyed a few years ago.  I wanted to try to dye a self-striping yarn.  I got out my warping board and made a really, really long skein, and made two pots of dye.  I put one half in a blue pot and one in a brown pot, and voila.  There are tiny little transitions between the blue and brown, but it looks pretty legit.

I took this outside.  The browns are not as mis-matching as they look in the first picture.  I used Euroflax linen for the heel and toes. 

You can see little white dots in the brown and blue from where I tied the skein to keep it in order while I dyed it.