A Knitted Veil in Pyrenees* Wool

*Jojoland Harmony yarn, actually.
This pattern is from Victorian Knitting Today. I did not follow the directions and knitted the border as I went because I didn't want to disrupt the yarn color changes with a mismatching border.

The yarn is beautiful, but about halfway through the pattern there was a terrible graft of two different colors. I cut out quite a bit of yarn, and could spare no more. The join is better than it was, but still obvious. Look to the left in the picture and you will see.

I also knitted almost twice as many center repeats as the pattern called for, and still this shawl seems a tad short.


Anonymous Francesca said...

What a pity about that abrupt color change, because the shawl the colors are lovely.

Did you mean "Victorian Lace Today" or is "Victorian Knitting Today" another book?

6:46 PM  

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