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I finally made a reasonably proportioned scarf. This is made from most of one skein of Cherry Tree Hill's Supersock yarn. It comes in one big skein; 420 yards to 4 ounces. The color is Serengeti. The early spring light, and my inability to take a good picture does not do the colors justice. They are rich and beautiful. I love greens and browns, or what K affectionately calls "The Baby Puke Palate". I wear it well! I like that there is a little bit of blue in here. It makes it much less "pukey". To finish the scarf I blocked the heck out of it, and put a row of single crochet around the edge using Rowan Cotton Glace color (or as they say, colour) 797. The blue cotton brings out the bits of rich blue from the body of the scarf.
I like the pattern a lot, thought it's a bit tough on the wrists. To make this scarf grab a skein of Supersock, or a similar yarn (Koigu, for example) and cast on groups of 4 stitches plus one. I casted on 37 stitches on US size 5 needles. I think the Knit-on cast on is preferable to the simple cast on usually used. Then,
Row 1: K1, (then insert needle into the next three stitches and P1, K1, P1 without slipping the stitches off of the left needle, K1) repeat the directions in the ( ) until the end of the row.
Row 2: P
Just do that for a long time. Then, when it's the length you like, or you're out of yarn, use the Cotton Glace and a size H crochet hook, and loosely single crochet to bind off. At this point you should only have crocheted the top end of the scarf. Don't break off the cotton. Wash the scarf, and block it. Trust me. Then, once it is dry, continue to single crochet loosely around the margin of the scarf. Tie in the ends, and block again if desired. Voila!


Blogger marlono said...

Hi there,

Saw this pattern on Ravelry, and I'm dying to try it. A question/favor, though. Could you please explain a little the "insert needle into the next three stitches and P1, K1, P1 without slipping the stitches off of the left needle" process? I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to be doing it.

Thanks - it's a beautiful piece!

8:39 AM  
Blogger فرانسيس said...

Hi Marlono,
The stitch really is as weird as it sounds. Insert your needle knit-wise into three stitches at one time. Yes, really. It's a tad difficult at first, but it gets easier. Then, knit (one loop on the right needle), purl (second loop on the right needle), and knit (third loop on the needle). Then you have three new stitches on your right needle to replace the three stitches you knitted through that you may now slip off the needle.
Hope that helps!

11:31 PM  
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