Silk Chenille Shawl

I made this in 2003, or something like that. It's made from two skeins of La Fiesta's silk chenille yarn called Chinchilla. I don't remember the color way. I just casted on 2 stitches and increased a stitch every other row until I used up one skein, and then subtracted a stitch to use the other skein. I remember spending a day trying to wind one of the skeins into a ball. Several times I've had problems with La Fiesta's yarns. They don't sell skeins as much as they sell intricate bundles of knots. It's knitted on size 15 needles, or something ridiculous. The shape of the stitches has not held up, but it's soft and warm.


Hanne this!

The body is done. Fricken number 2 needles!


Log Cabin

I got the Mason Dixon knitting book. It takes a lot to wow-me, knitting book-wise, but this one is good. Normally newer knitting books that tout "simple projects" mean projects made with icky, scratchy novelty yarn knit on size 19 needles. Bluck. These are simple projects that could take for ever to knit; they are perfect. While waiting on more yarn for the Hanne Hindenberg I'm trying to rescue from my own mistakes, I knitted a little log cabin blanket. It's my ABD blanket. I knitted most of it a few days before and a few after my exam. I used most of the colors from the Knit Picks Palette Sampler, save the icky bright orange and the black. I intended to use the black to do an I-cord bind off on the edges, but I'm not sure this is done yet. I may come back to it in a few weeks. Or not.


Blankets, etc.

Miss C., the sock and blanket model.

A bag of happiness. This will be a blanket for my mom, at her request. It can be thrown in the washer, and possibly withstand the bad kitty.

This is the Ab Fab Throw Kit from Collinette. I knitted it before I knew how to do a proper yarn-over, and then I washed it, so it's semi-felted and has retarded yarn-overs.



I was going through my pictures last night, and this one jumped out at me.


i heart knitting



No knitting, just spring:

These are actually two different pictures. K took them.