Additional Hand-Dyed Socks

It's not that I'm into knitting socks.  Generally, I'm not.  It's that a few years ago I attempted shibori dyeing techniques and had a lot of acid dyes on hand.  I picked up a bunch of Knit Picks Bare to try and dye some yarn, and figured that I'd eventually knit socks.  I haven't purchased yarn in months, maybe even a year.  So, I'm going through my stash and I found this yarn I dyed a few years ago.  I wanted to try to dye a self-striping yarn.  I got out my warping board and made a really, really long skein, and made two pots of dye.  I put one half in a blue pot and one in a brown pot, and voila.  There are tiny little transitions between the blue and brown, but it looks pretty legit.

I took this outside.  The browns are not as mis-matching as they look in the first picture.  I used Euroflax linen for the heel and toes. 

You can see little white dots in the brown and blue from where I tied the skein to keep it in order while I dyed it. 


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