Stitches West 2010

I finally went to Stitches West.  I wanted to go last year, but we lived in SoCal, and I was still writing my term paper.  It was amazing.  I am not interested in the classes; I just went for one day to see the market.  Above starting from the left, that is 3.5 ounces of 50% baby camel 50% silk from RedFish Dye Works.  What wonderful people, and their yarn and fiber is great.  Then, 2 skeins of Possum lace from Cherry Tree Hill.  It's discontinued.  Then, a skein of Hepburn from Abstract Fiber in the Hopworks color.  We were told that a woman from Abstract Fibers went with her husband to a brewery in Portland and got a beer sampler.  She liked the varied colors of brown from blonde to dark brown, and wanted to make a yarn of those beer colors.  K picked the color before he even knew this.  Serious face.  The last two skeins on the right are also from RedFish.  I went back to them after going through the entire place.  I really think they had the best stuff there.  

It was great to see so much yarn.  I expected to see hundreds of sellers with the same Rowan yarn.  To my delight, there were vendors like RedFish with their own unique stuff of outrageously good quality.  My only complaint is that the Stitches people were clear that photography was disallowed.  That's pretty dumb in the age of blogging.  The nice ladies at Abstract Fiber told us that they were even admonished that they couldn't photograph their own booth.  They kindly invited us to take lots of pictures at their booth.  

Here is an illegal picture of me looking at the Lorna's Laces somewhere deep in the land of banned photography.



There is a lovely little yarn shop in the Balid, across the street from Hasham's restaurant.  I finally made a purchase.

I picked up some of this fuzzy stuff, and spent just over 1JD, or about 1.50 USD total.  When I got the yarn back to my room, I realized that it smells like the Balid: diesel and cigarettes, the scent of downtown Amman.   The yarn is beautiful.