ACU Bags

I also made two urgently needed bags on my epic quilt-cation. I had some heavy cotton fabric from Ikea, and I have 4 ACUs. I got one of my ACU tops and I cut it up and made a computer bag and the purse below.

At first I was really hesitant to cut into my old uniform. I don't know why. But when I was in the Army, I really liked the shoulder pockets because they perfectly fit my iPhone and its bulky charger case. So I took the pocket with my unit patch (yeah, I said "unit"), and built a purse around it (see below), and cut out the back of the ACU to make the front of a perfectly-sized computer bag.

My mom got this amazing sewing machine and I embroidered the camo fabric and the Ikea fabric. How cool! All I had to do was change the threads when the machine told me to.

New purse with perfect phone pocket on the outside.

And a custom epi-pen holder on the inside, also from recycled ACUs. I also recycled the credit card holder from the Kipling bag I used for the last decade.

I like how the little bird peeks out at the front of the purse. So pleased!

Soul Blossoms 1

This is quilt 1 from my epic quilt-making vacation last week. Perhaps ironically, this is actually the third one I made, but the first I finished since the other two will be hand quilted.

This quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted.  I added two squares of 4 each ticker tape squares.  Once I wash this quilt, they will be puckered and neat-o.  They are cut on the bias so they don't unravel.

The overview: