I'm tired.


Mobius Scarf

I love making these. I've made a few now, and they are surprisingly easy. I got the directions from an old issue of Spin Off Magazine. This is made from almost 4 balls of Muench Touch Me (that's a really lame name for a yarn, btw). This stuff is expensive, and there is hardly anything on a ball. At 61 yards per 50 grams, it knits up fast. I knit this in under 24 hours; in fact, I knit most of this scarf while I sat in traffic with my spazzing husband. It is really soft, and I like it. I'm really picky about what touches my skin, and I figured for as much money as this yarn costs, it should be comfortable. It is. I single crocheted around the edge instead of knitting a bind off. If you're going to make a mobius, you must have circular needles that are at least 40 inches long. Any less is such a pain to work with.


Noro Sucks

So, I decided to spend nearly 30 bucks for two skeins of Noro's Silk Garden. I had a cool idea to knit 6 or 7 i-cord ropes, and weave them into a crocheted foundation. I have abandoned this project as the Noro Gods are apparently pissed at me. One skein had 3 knots in it! So, undaunted, I began knitting from the second skein, and realized that there is at least one knot in that one too! That's fucked up! This stuff is expensive. Dang, I guess I need to stick to lace knitting.


Green Tweed Pig!

On some days you just have to sit down and take an hour to knit a green pig. I made this fellow back in 2003 from a pattern in Spin Off Magazine. It is a great introduction to short row shaping. I stuffed him with failed attempts at spinning cotton yarn. He has a seed stitch back and a stocking stitch belly. His limbs are i-cord, but the ears were the most fun to knit. He needs eyes, though. Over the years I've been unable to find a well proportioned googley eye.


K-D's Spawn Blanket

I knitted this for a lady at school. She is an international student who married last summer, promptly came over here, and discovered she was pregnant. She's here alone, and now quite pregnant. She'll be going home in about 5 weeks to have her baby, and then she'll return to school. I admire her. I wanted to do something for her, but it's strange, she doesn't even know who I am, so I hope it doesn't seem creepy when I introduce myself and give her a blanket.
It's made from 7 skeins of Knit Picks Crayon cotton yarn. I just casted on 4 stitches, and knitted it in the round adding 8 yarn overs on each knit row, and purled the following row. I did an i-cord bind off. I found this project tedious and boring, which I suppose is why it took me so long. If she weren't leaving the country in 5 weeks, I'd be working on it for the rest of my life!


Amy's Scarf

I carried this thing all the way to Jordan and back. I meant to give it to Amy for her 3 January birthday, but I forgot and gave it to her once we were back in California. Dang!
It's made from one skein of some Cherry Tree Hill yarn. I can't remember which of their yarns it is. I made it c. 2004. I was working on it when I went to France for a really great conference. It will always remind me of that time. I borrowed it back from Amy because it wants to curl into a tube, so I re-blocked it with my cool new dressing wires. I am going to try and startch it too. Keep your fingers crossed. I got the pattern from a great book of Shetland patterns I have. I put the edging together with the Feather and Fan middle, and I think it worked pretty well. It was fun to knit, I just wish it would stay flat!



It's a vision, isn't it?