Amy's Scarf

I carried this thing all the way to Jordan and back. I meant to give it to Amy for her 3 January birthday, but I forgot and gave it to her once we were back in California. Dang!
It's made from one skein of some Cherry Tree Hill yarn. I can't remember which of their yarns it is. I made it c. 2004. I was working on it when I went to France for a really great conference. It will always remind me of that time. I borrowed it back from Amy because it wants to curl into a tube, so I re-blocked it with my cool new dressing wires. I am going to try and startch it too. Keep your fingers crossed. I got the pattern from a great book of Shetland patterns I have. I put the edging together with the Feather and Fan middle, and I think it worked pretty well. It was fun to knit, I just wish it would stay flat!


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