Mobius Scarf

I love making these. I've made a few now, and they are surprisingly easy. I got the directions from an old issue of Spin Off Magazine. This is made from almost 4 balls of Muench Touch Me (that's a really lame name for a yarn, btw). This stuff is expensive, and there is hardly anything on a ball. At 61 yards per 50 grams, it knits up fast. I knit this in under 24 hours; in fact, I knit most of this scarf while I sat in traffic with my spazzing husband. It is really soft, and I like it. I'm really picky about what touches my skin, and I figured for as much money as this yarn costs, it should be comfortable. It is. I single crocheted around the edge instead of knitting a bind off. If you're going to make a mobius, you must have circular needles that are at least 40 inches long. Any less is such a pain to work with.


Blogger Miss Carousel said...

This is GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to feel it up.... :)

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Blogger Miss Carousel said...

You know what?! I got a link from Amman from your site. Woo hoo! I'm on the map, man, the bloody map! :)

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