Melon Scarf; Yarn

I frogged the Melon Shawl I began a few months ago. I just didn't think it was a good use of the yarn I spun. Still, I wanted to knit that pattern, so I used some silk and mohair yarn from Artfibers. It's called Tsuki. It's beautiful.

I adapted the pattern because knitting a border on after the body is knitted is insane to me, and it looks bad. I knit the border, knitted the a corner, picked up body stitches, knitted the opposite corner, knitted, and then finished off by knitting the top border to the end of the body.

Anyways. I've been spinning a bit more, and now I've got a multi-colored lace-weight yarn that I'm really pleased with. I want to try and knit a pull over from cuff to cuff so that the color changes show vertically through the garment.


Blogger Miss Carousel said...

i know it's not the point of your blog, but i just wanted to let you know that that photo of you is fantastic, and I'm going to take it and print it up for me new place in Seattle. :)

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