Warpless Scarf?

Yesterday I wove a scarf using 4 of the Artfibers yarns I got last week for the warp. I made a 3 yard warp chain, and had the loom ready to go in just a few hours. I started weaving with a charcoal tencel I had left over from another weaving project, but both K and I agreed that the charcoal obscured the warp too much. We left and went to San Diego for a few days and while there K picked out a lovely cotton/linen textured yarn. I think both of us thought is was about lace weight. But when I got home I saw that the yarn was actually three strands together, like La Bohemme, and it ended up being a semi-bulky yarn.

I hope you can see in this picture how dark the warp actually is. I used a cotton tape yarn, a silk rail road ribbon yarn, a cotton yarn with a band of silver through it, and that nubbley yarn that is silver thread with cotton beads through out. I think they got swallowed up by the weft.

Where did my pretty silk ribbon yarn go?!?

So, I wove the scarf in about 3 hours, and I like it, but the weft does obscure the warp much more than I'd prefer. I wove a few inches with many other stash yarns, and none seemed to go with the warp without hiding it.
I love the texture of the scarf, but it will have to stand more on texture than the wonderful color combinations K and I selected for the piece. I'm not sure where we went wrong, but I like it a lot anyway.

Currently, Erin is the only knitting I'm working on that is coming along. I began the arm steeks before I left Jordan last month. I'm beginning the third and final pattern repeat for the body, and I'm actually learning to like working on this.

I finished knitting Myrna from WLD a few days ago. She is blocking, which will take another month in this heat and humidity.


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