Wilted Melon

So I decided to use the Melon Pattern from Victorian Lace Today and make a triangular shawl with my hand spun:

I like the pattern very much, however knitting it on the bias has been more difficult than I'd realized. Down the center of the pattern the lace must jut out on the bias, and I've done it irregularly here and there, and it's all I can see when I stretch it out. I just realized last night that the first big repeat of the pattern is much different looking than all the subsequent initial motif beginnings.

The pattern is made up of 2 adjacent motifs, one of 4 stitches and one of 6. So, as I have 4 or 6 stitches show up at the center of the shawl, and the two edges I can begin part of the motif. But on the first big pattern repeat I waited until I had 10 stitches before I began knitting in pattern. Subsequently, though, I began when I had 6 or 4, making the piece over all much more lacy. But now I have a big triangle of stocking stitch at the top center of the piece where I waited to have 10 stitches. Argh.

Other than that...


Blogger fluffbuff said...

Maybe you can use that triangle shape in the middle as part of the design, like the designer did in "Ene's Scarf". But I am not sure how far along you are and if you can repeat the triangle once or twice to make that happen.

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