Linen Shawl

I made this in 2003. It was the first lace I made properly. Until then I was making yarn-overs wrong, and my lace knitting wasn't very lacy at all. I remember the day I figured it out. We were at the Gamble House in Pasadena, and it was there in the car that I realized lace knitting really was supposed to be lacy.

I finished this shawl as I listened to NPR. George Bush was on the radio to announce that we were beginning the invasion of Iraq.


Blogger Clevelandgurlie said...

Oh my -- this is so very lovely. I myself am just begining to learn the art of knitting (I am a quilter/fiber dabbler) I came across your site on blogger and am awestruck at your lovel things. I aspire to knit like this one day!

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