Here is Myrna from WLD:

I thought, until I began knitting WLD patterns, that my torso was a tad long, but now I feel like a giant. The 3 things I have knitted from WLD are all too short in the torso. I did not use the fancy rib stitch in the pattern. The stripes are not indicated in the pattern. I knitted 4 rows dark, 2 rows light. I casted on with the light color. I made the sleeves an inch (or 2?) shorter. I think those are all of the modifications I made to the pattern.

I knitted this with Shine from Knit Picks. I used 6 skeins of the dark and 1 skein of the light. I threw this in the washer after I knitted it, and stretched it a bit on the floor to dry. I would love to knit this again in a much finer yarn.


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