Road Trip!

K and I just returned from a near-week road trip up north. North. Where it was no more than 71 degrees (American) during the day. Ahhhhh.

So, after weaving that scarf from the last post I wanted to go directly to Artfibers. I ended up making two trips there. As always, the store offers great yarns found no where else at what I think are darn reasonable prices. Here is a blurry picture of what I brought home:

The two skeins in the back of the picture are things I’ve spun since I returned, they just ended up in the picture. Artyarns was so overwhelming that when we stopped in at the Village Spin and Weave in Solvang yesterday, I purchased nothing. Amazing. The same lady was at Artyarns both times we visited. She was knowledgeable and helpful, though a tad anal-retentive. I wanted 100 grams of the silk/mohair from a cone that had 127 grams on it. I wound 27 grams off the ball and told her I’d take the cone. She said to me, “That’s ok, but just so you know in the future, you wind for yourself, not the store.” In other words, I should have wound 100 grams off the cone and left a cone of 27 grams for The Store. That’s just stoopid. Other than that, she was helpful and friendly, as the folks there have always been.

I want to weave another scarf with the Tesla yarn in it. K consulted and I think it will turn out as neat as the first. The only problem is that he has to drag my loom upstairs again.

More later. I’m almost done knitting Myrna from White Lies Designs. I’ve yet to find this blouse as a completed project anywhere, so I hope to contribute a picture of mine knitted in Shine from Knit Picks.


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