Massive Blanket

This is a massive blanket. It's queen sized. Serious face, check it:
I crochetted this with 8 zillion skeins of yarn I binged on during a JoAnn's run. It was madness.

Love it! It's saturated in color, and heavy weight. I made it in about three weeks this August (2013).


Feather & Fan Wrap

I knitted most of this in Bastion during my last mission.

Final AFG project.


Shetland Loop Scarf

Behold: another Shetland shell pattern scarf. I used up bits of yarn from other projects to make a warm and squishy scarf. I knitted my favorite shell pattern and sewed the ends together to make a loop. It's perfect wrapped around two times.
Here we are in our Paris hotel room on our penultimate night before returning to Afghaniland. This scarf has served me well here, and I expect it will continue to do so further east.

Former Tea Party members in Paris:


Artfibers Jumper


Squares Jacket

Comfy jacket of alpaca and left-over stuff. All horrid pics because I'm lazy. Someday when I'm home I'll fix this. I knitted most of this at CP Sola, where I had to hike this in from PB 2. Had I know we were TABing, I would not have brought it. Alas, the lads there were entirely amused by seeing 1) girls and 2) knitting. This cardigan makes me think of the SF guy who shared our accommodation. I spoke with him about his rifle (it was American). A few days after that we left, and he lost one of his feet in in IED.
The cardigan, however, it two squares joined at the back with sleeves knit in. Here you can see the arm pit where I just knitted into the garment and added the sleeves. I've worn this a fair bit, and the right hand hem is fuzzed-out from getting caught on the velcro of my holster. My bad.
In my "pod".
British brekke at CP Sola:


Vitamin D

More bad pics, but I'll address that at a later date. This is my Vitamin D knitted with BMFA Sea Silk in Ramabala, or: blue. Wonderful knit, but the yarn purls. I like it anyway, the drape is amazing.


Shetland Shell Scarf (again)

 Knitted mostly in Naher-e Saraj.



Sorry for the shit picture. I made this right after the socks, and I liked that lace pattern so much I incorporated it into this as well. No pattern, I just kept knitting (and frogging) until it worked out well enough. I originally intended to cut the front open and make a button up, but to my surprise it fit as knitted. Let me distract you from that crap photo with this photo below of poppy fields in their spring glory.


Granny Square Scarf

 It's actually cute, though it is technically made of granny squares.

 Crochetted in Bagram, and assembled in Lashkar Gah.


Lace Socks

I knitted these while out in LKD in December. It was so damn cold in the accommodation that my fingers kept going numb while knitting and I had to take frequent breaks.

I took these pictures while on leave in Paris. I walked so much while wearing them one day that the feet felted. These are pre-felt.