This albatross is finally finished. Well, I have not blocked this, nor am I happy with the collar. I was originally planning on lining this, but since I won't wear it I'm not sure I should bother. This thing is fricken' huge! It is by far the most beautiful tent I have ever knitted.

I enjoyed no part of this project. I guess what I learned was that I really can finish any project I begin.


Bani Hamida Weaving Project

Before I left Jordan I ran out of time to post pictures from my brief visit to the Bani Hamida Weaving center in the middle of no where. Two very kind people took me down there for one of my last days in Jordan. We went on a Friday which is the day that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is closed. Nevertheless, we called the nice lady who runs the place and she drove over and opened up just for us!

Bani Hamida weaving provides women a way to earn money through their craft. The center is spacious and beautiful. All the pictures I took are from just one room in which we eye-humped rovings and hand-spun all dyed with veggie dyes.

Here is me, C, and the said nice-lady

(Imagine this oriented correctly)

The yarn, rovings, or finished rugs are all for sale. Amazing. Should you ever be in desolate, rural Jordan, do drop by.

Days like that hot July day make the times I count as great from 2007.