Ballerina Jacket (the beginning, anyway)

Greetings from Amman. Here is the beginning of my Ballerina jacket. I received this at the end of May for my birthday, but I wanted to take it to Jordan with me. It was very difficult to resist knitting this after I finished the Mermaid a few months ago. I started this jacket in California. I wanted the first few ridges to be done there. I made great progress waiting at the airport, and was several ridges into it before I realized Hanne was being funny, and put in an extra comment that lead me to knit most of this wrong. On one ridge the instructions are to do short rows, and to turn and YO 2 stitches before the previous YO. The next ridge, which we are supposed to do for a long time, instructs us to repeat the previous row, but "...on each ridge turn 2 sts earlier than on the previous." Thus, I turned 4 stitches before, not two. Turns out she was kidding! Ha! I frogged most of this early this morning, save the first two ridges, and re-knit all day. Not bad progress for a day of frogging/knitting. I know it's been said before, but I'll say it again: for this much money these patterns could be written MUCH better.


Blogger Miss Carousel said...


michael and i are takin' yer hubby to little green onions. yay for hangover food!!!


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Blogger weeping sore said...

I know nothing about writing clear knitting instructions. I do, however, know that ballerinas don't wear jackets. So what you may actually be knitting is a very long leg warmer and won't you be surprised when you finish it.

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