evil cats are ok

Though it's strictly against this blog's mandate, here is a cat post. I present "Evil Mo". Admittedly stolen from the Ugly Dolls, I made a cat template, and felted some white roving I had to make a Mo-sheet. I added a dash of black alpaca top to make the Mo stripe. It dried over night, and today I cut and assembled Evil Mo in time for Miss Carousel's impending birthday.

"Come here, I want to rip your face off."

Pedomorphic to suit current tastes.

The real Evil Mo, and the Mo Sheet.


Blogger weeping sore said...

The cat you call "Bad Kitty" is not amused.

11:27 PM  
Blogger Miss Carousel said...

so THAT's what she'd look liked skinned!!!

excellent. can't wait to see it in person (thankyouthankyouthankyou)
miss c

12:07 AM  

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