failed scarflet

I am leaving in less than two weeks, and I feel the urgent need to finish my non-knitting projects before I go. I have a Hanne Falkernberg kit waiting for me, and I'm going to make myself wait until I'm in Jordan to start it. Thus...

It seemed like a good idea at the time. A few years ago, Handwoven had a wonderful issue in which they explored weaving patterns such as music, or numerical patterns in weave structures. Being a big fan of Pi, I decided to make a Pi scarf. If you look at the scarf and have the patients to count, you will see that from left to right there are first 3, then 1, then 4, and on and on, ends each of the blue mohair. I made a warp of KSH in that weird blue color they have, and of the brown/rust alpaca lace yarn from Knit Picks. First bad idea. I had such a time warping the loom. If I wanted a seersucker fabric, I would have loved the scarf, but I didn't! I had to repair broken ends several times. The weaving tension was only good for the first inch of the fabric. I tried to make a good attempt of this. I actually had the idea over a year ago, and set about right that moment to make the warp chains, and begin weaving. My loom has sat in our spare room for a year untouched. I decided to drag it upstairs this week (not a small feat), and finish this thing. It seems like blue and brown or tan are in right now, and this scarf would had been perfect! But, I couldn't take it anymore. I cut it off the loom two days ago. I had a big ole' warp chain of this nice rose/tan/black chenille. So, I put that on the loom in an hour, and with in 24 hours had two nice scarves. Those will be posted later. With a week and a half free from teaching and school, I've been so crafty that I have a backlog of projects to post.
It's too bad, the fabric I did get out of the mohair/alpaca fiasco was soft, thin and yet dense. Arghhh.


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