chenille scarves

A year ago I got a warping board. I was so excited I made a warp chain that I now realize was about 5 yards long (!). After cutting off the alpaca/mohair disaster, I threw this on the loom and had it warped in about 90 minutes. 24 hours after that I had about 4 and a half yards of scarf. I cut it in half and now have two lovely, fluffy scarves.

Pre-scarf: I ordered a zillion ounces of chenille a few years ago. This is what is left over after weaving, actually. I could weave a yurt with this much yarn!

Under tension on the loom:

8 harnesses, but I like plain weave, thank you very much.

Out of the washer and dryer, it's a totally different fabric:

This is the scarf back when it was one big honkin' thing:


Blogger weeping sore said...

I thought this was a "family" blog! I'm highly offended at the suggestive nature of the final photo in this post.
I'm asking AOL to block your site to spare my innocent little angels (Wound, nee Jason, age 17 and Death, nee Tiffany, age 16).
Next you'll be pushing tatoos and Harry Potter! Anarchist!

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