felt purse

I made my first big sheet of felt. This morning I decided to cut into it and make a little bag. I need to buy a snap to sew onto the purse so it will stay shut. I made the felt a bit thick so that bag would last for a few years, but as a consequence the flap won't stay shut. I have not ironed this bag. Once I do that, I'm sure it will keep a shape better. I mostly used merino rovings I had, and I added a little bit of silk from a sliver of silk I picked up from Treenway a few years ago.

I cut the strap on the bias (such as this exists in a felted fabric). I like the way the contrasting colors cut through here and there.

If you look closely on the flap and the strap you can see that I stitched around the edges. I used a beautiful hand painted wool and silk floss I purchased years ago.

Here is the back. I like the splash of silk across the top there.


Blogger jcyarns said...

I love your purse. I've never worked with felted rovings before... Looks interesting. Thanks for your lovely post on my site....

6:19 PM  

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