not thinking

I was just driving back to school when I watched a young woman run a red light to make a quick right turn. Problem was, she cut off a Suburban that had the green light. The Suburban spun, flipped, and landed on its roof, crushing the roof quite a bit. The young woman sat in her Jeep. Her air bag had deployed, and she seemed stunned. The Suburban showed no signs of life. People ran out from their houses, and tried to get to the driver. Not possible. The driver was stuck, upside down, and crushed into the seat. I don't think it mattered how quickly that person was going to be pulled out.
So, in a quick fit of non-thought, a young woman in all probability killed someone. She eventually got out of her SUV and sat on the curb where she began to sob while people ignored her. I witness plenty of non-thought every day as a teacher. Do they ever think that habit could lead to the death of someone else? Nahh.


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