4 shaft twill scarf

Let's see, I wove this scarf early last summer (2004) for my husband. It's made of three colors of shetland wool that he picked out. I warped only 2 yards of the cobalt and charcoal, and I wove a nifty 4 shaft twill pattern using tan as the weft. I washed it when it was done, and the yarns fulled up nicely. My husband has never worn the scarf because he says it's too short. So, I wove another one for him this summer. With version 2 I added another cobalt stripe making the scarf wider and longer. Unfortunately, it turned out only about 6 inches longer than this version! I think I have two scarves now. I just put this one up on ebay, so we'll see if I can profit from my lesson on making warps an appropriate length. I've read that twills use a lot of the warp in the weaving process. No kidding. This was my first weaving project on 4 shafts, so I'm still happy with it. Preparing the loom sucks, but I like weaving very much.


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