Possum and KSH scarf

I knitted this scarf last summer when I was in Jordan. I knitted most of it on a long bus ride through the south of the country and back to the capital. It was a million degrees, and no one would open a window. The mal air thing, I guess. I had wanted to make a side ways knitted scarf in which the green KSH was a much smaller gauge and would cause the possum silk to pucker up. It didn't really do that. I knitted the green on size 1 needles, and the purple (maroon?) on size 4 needles. The KSH is (sadly) a discontinued color, and the possum/silk is from Cherry Tree Hill. I like their semi-solids. They, like Koigu, have wonderful depth of color in the slight variations. Since both the yarns have some silk (around 20% for both) they have a nice luster under the fuzz of the yarns. I've never blocked the scarf. I should, maybe it wouldn't curl up into a tube. It was a fun project, and I like both of the yarns together.


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