Possum lace scarf

I finished this scarf in October of 2003. I was lucky enough to knit most of it during the week I spent at SOAR in Michigan, but it always reminds me of that bad part of that week too. It was during all the awful fires in California. Our house was evacuated for three days, and I nervously called my husband each night to see if we knew if we still had a house. We did. In order to gain access to our neighborhood in the early post-fire days we had to show proof of ownership, and my husband showed the cops our insurance cancelation notice for the house. Now we pay three times as much for less than half the coverage. Good times...
In any event, I still love this scarf. It's knit with two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill lace weight possum. I like their yarns a lot, but forget the dye lots! Twice I've spent a lot of money for two skeins of their yarn from the same dye lot only to find that they are really quite different anyway. My other project with their yarn was made with their wonderful Sury Alpaca lace yarn, and I spent months knitting a shawl. When I got to the second skein I was shocked at the difference in colors, and I finished the project by skipping more repeats to avoid the distraction of the colors. Change yarns every few rows.


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