pile of lace

I crocheted this in 2000. I remember working on it while sitting in the Volkswagen dealership waiting for my new car. It had a strange clutch problem, and since it was under warranty, I brought it in and told the dude right there not to ask me stupid questions about how I drive. Thought I am female, I know how to drive! Still, he insisted on asking me if I push the clutch all the way in when I put the car in gear. Oh, I'm supposed to do that!?! Stupid boys.


Blogger Pam said...

Lace is really beautiful. I find crocheting difficult in it's simplest form so I cannot imagine the pattern for your work.
I started a knitted lace collar and for a while couldn't remember where I got the pattern from when I took it up again (www.roddyknit. blogspot.com see: mystery)

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