some tatting

I started a side tatting project back in December. I got on the plane to Jordan, and by the time we arrived a zillion hours later, I desperately wanted to brush my teeth, but I had about a foot of lace. On the leg from Paris to Amman I sat next to two Iraqi guys who stared for a long time. Finally the fellow right next to me told me that his mother does stuff like this. He said I should come an meet her, but I'd "...have problems in his country right now." We ended up gabbing for the few hours on the plane and he taught me the words for knitting and knitting related crafts in Arabic. He wrote them down on a magazine page, and I still have them. It's funny what can bring people together. He shared his life history, and he told me about his time in Texas. Turns out he had traveled from the States too where he'd learned English (really well). In Amman we stood in line together to fill out the "Air-France-Lost-My-Luggage-Form". He and his friends were trying to find a way to Iraq.


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