things I made last century (before there was knitting)

This is bobbin lace. I made this circa 1998 from a pattern in a wonderful little book of lace purse patterns. I lined it with emerald silk. I made it just to hold my drivers license so I could go drinking without otherwise carrying a purse.

This is a cotton hankie that I embroidered and edged. I made it out of gaudy colors to go with a cool taffeta dress K made me from an 1874 pattern. It's really loud plad. It's cool

This is a hankie I made for K to match an 1880s shirt and vest I made him. I embroidered the initials (I know, they kinda suck) and I tatted the edging, and spent a billion hours sewing it on.

This is another hankie I made K. I did a bobbin lace edging and sewed it onto linen, and embroidered his initials. I think they suck less.


Blogger Miss Carousel said...

you do so many gorgeous things, it always amazes me (not that you could produce gorgeous things, but the things themselves)!!


10:42 AM  

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