I knitted this almost a year ago in a marathon knitting bent that lasted two and a half days, including the finishing processes. This is the Amelie jacket from White Lies Designs. She has wonderful vintage knitting patterns of which I own several. This is the only one I have made thus far, and I did like knitting it, but I've never worn the jacket because I can't stand the fit. It's the small. It is too big in the waist, and too small in the boobs. It's also way too short. The crocheted edging comes to my waist line in the back, and a bit below the waist in the front.
I did not use the yarn called for in the project, but I did swatch for the one and only time in my life, and I got the correct gauge, so I don't think I'm entirely at fault. I used that wool/alpaca/silk yarn from knit picks. K picked the colors, and I think he did a smashing job.
I still need to sew fasteners on it so it will stay shut on the size 0 person who should inherit this jacket.


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I also love Koigu, and here is what I did with it, using the Horst Schultz method
it was fun.

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I can't help but notice how strangely long the fronts of your Amelie appear to be and wonder if you inadvertently flipped the center front shaping to the side seams and perhaps that's why it fits oddly?
According to my copy of the pattern, the schematic shows that the fronts are in a sort of cutaway style and the measurement at the side seams, while indeed waist length, are not nearly as short as they look on your mannequin. I am knitting this up and my fronts don't look long and pointy like yours at all.
Just a thought, as I have seen another version of this on a friend at my guild and hers doesn't look this way either.


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