La Boheme Scarf

I made this scarf over a year ago. I can't keep up any more. It's made from almost two skeins of La Boheme from Fiesta Yarns. This is their famous and expensive two-strand yarn. One strand is brushed mohair and the other is a rayon boucle. Having wound three skeins of this stuff now I can say that it is a total pain to wind it since the two strands are not attached, but simply plied. It's really beautiful, and I like their colors. I have to say, though, having worn this scarf many times that it's really itchy. I wouldn't wear this against skin, unless you're into the hair shirt thing.
I made this pattern up. I like how this yarn looks when yarn overs and knit-two-togethers are combined to make the stitched tilt. This scarf feels like it weighs a few pounds. It's really warm and pretty. BTW, I think the colorway is "Rusty".


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