Hex Coat

Here is my Hex Coat from Norah Gaughan's Knitting Nature book. I used Artfibers Alfabeto silk and mohair yarn. This yarn is thinner than the one she used, so I guessed and casted on more stitches. Some how it all worked out. That never happens! I knitted it in the round up to the arms, knitted the back and two fronts separately. I three-needle binded off to join the shoulders. Then I picked up 70 stitches for each arm, and knitted those in the round too. I short-row shaped sleeve caps. No sewing at all for the whole thing. Perfect.

The sweater is light and wispey. I really like it. Had I known how much I would like the finished product I would have finished it in January instead of putting in the closet. Well, I did have a bit to do earlier this year...

Here's the lake:


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