Blanket for Sachi

This is an epic de-stashing blanket.  I'm not buying any yarn for a while.  Haven't for months now.  (Amazing!)  I made this for a friend's baby using a zillion skeins of left-overs and other extras.  3 balls of Rowan Denim in medium blue, 1 in dark.  1 of every color of Knit Picks Shine Sport, lots of little left overs, and 1 ball of Melody in the middle.  This blanket weighs several pounds.  It's pretty warm!


Blogger Weeping Sore said...

I think the best gift in the world is a homemade baby blanket. Unfortunately however, I cannot determine the baby's gender from the color of this blanket. Or from the baby's name either, by the way.

I remember my parents had a knitted blanket that had blocks of solid color, each about the size of an index card. I used to sit for hours trying to find a pattern, trying to count the colors, imagining an entire blanket made from one of the colors. I now realize, it was probably a "de-stashing" blanket too.

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