Courthouse Steps Denim Blanket So Far



I'm more than halfway done with the courthouse steps blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting. It is really heavy and now a bit too big to pretend it's still a good portable knitting project. I decided to throw it in the wash today because I know that this yarn shrinks 20% (!) upon washing. I thought if I shrunk what I've got now, it will be more portable. It still weighs several pounds, and it's becoming a tiring project to knit since I have to lift the thing so often to knit back and forth. I've also read that the color fades most after the first wash, and I'm tired of having blue hands, and clothes, and knitting needles. I'm really pleased with the results. The blues did fade just a bit.
I don't see any difference with the gauge checker, but when I hold the blanket up I can see that it's smaller. Go figure.


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That's so damn fine knitting! -K

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