3rd Quilt

I finished a quilt the other day. Since going into suspended animation in March, my craft world has been diminished. Between being locked up and disallowed creativity, or thinking for that matter, and having all most all of my crafty stuff locked away elsewhere, it has been difficult. I began a knitting project, the one shown below this entry, but I've got more edge to trim than yarn, and I just sort of set it aside. I didn't want my first project since returning to be a failure, but I think it might be.

But this quilt pleases me. It's my third, and much bigger than the first two I did. I got 10 fat quarters, and stitched cool rectangles of contrasting fabric to them using my mom's cool sewing machine that does fancy stitches.

Then I hand quilted the whole thing. At first I wanted to do some time-consuming, long-term deal, but once I completed one big rectangle I thought it looked like crap, so I cut it out, and opted for a diagonal with multiple colors and textures of thread.

While more or less parallel, the quilting stitches are at different distances from each other. I really like it. Keep it simple. I finally embroidered the date on a quilt.


Blogger Weeping Sore said...

I'm about to finish my big bed quilt today. I didn't do the final stiching by hand, but made a quite elaborate pattern of quilting that I'm very proud of.
I like the colors in your pics better than I remember the actual colors. I seem to usually doubt your color choices, and then love the finished products. You have a good eye.

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