Future Erin

I'm going to co-knit something for the first time in my life. A very nice man who lives in my apartment building in Amman is an amazing knitter, and we talked about making something together. We decided on the Erin sweater from The Celtic Collection. Since all of the yarn is discontinued I ordered a ton of Shetland wool over the internet (as in, without being able to see the colors in person). What could possibly go wrong? Here it is:

The yarn is in California, where I will be visiting next month. It is about the same cost to ship something to Jordan as it is to just fly home for a visit, so I'll pick it up in person. So, momkin, by this fall I will have an Erin:


Blogger Weeping Sore said...

The colors of the yard appear several orders of magnitude brighter than the sweater on the model.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Marina said...

Oh my, that is drool-worthy! Can't wait to see it being knitted.

1:00 AM  

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