Guilt & Knitting

The good news is that I finally got some blocking wires! A very nice lady names Lisa has taken over the dressing wire project from the Zonta Club of Boise. Her e-mail is: lisa@handworksnw.com. I think I paid about 35 bucks for a seriously huge set of wires and t-pins. I'm thrilled. I re-blocked my alpaca shawl. I've tried unsuccessfully over the years to block this thing so that the edges won't curl up. I think I've finally done it!

Then, I needed to put up a picture of the Clapotis I made a year ago (!). I used three skeins of cashmere from: two_pointy_sticks.blogspot.com. Her yarn is wonderful. I used the Rivendell (sp?) colorway. I must admit, I was horrified when it arrived. It's REALLY green, and I didn't care for it. But since then I've really come to like the colors. During a colorless winter, there is nothing like a bright-ass scarf! I've since picked up two skeins of another colorway, and I'm in the middle of a long and protracted naalbinding project that I might finish if I finally wash out of graduate school once and for all.

Now, the guilt. I made another scarf just like Patrica's, and I feel a bit guilty. I sort of have a rule like those dress shops that won't sell the same prom dress to another girl from the same school. I don't make projects twice. This is in part because usually I'm sick of a project by the time it's finished. But also because one of the points of doing this stuff by hand is to have something no one else will have. But really, what are the odds of this when I've used a pattern published in a book anyhow? Well, I had some left over KSH, and I made a scarf for me. I started it at LAX and finished it in Petra. It's warm, and for KSH it's not the least bit itchy. I usually can't stand wearing this yarn against my neck. In fact, I've given away every single project I've ever made with it... Except this one. I think I should give this one to Patricia too. I'm still conflicted.


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