Dye Day

Before: bottom right is 4 ounces of handspun cashmere, to the left is a skein of wool from Knitpicks, above is silk chenille, above that is cobweb-weight angora and silk (50/50), above that is a merino roving
After: at the top is the Knitpicks wool, below that is the cashmere (I'm not thrilled with that one), below that is the silk chenille (very happy), and below that is my new favorite the angora/silk

Where is the merino roving you ask? We're just going to pretend that never happened. For reasons I don't understand the roving did not absorb much of the dye and it just looks like wilted lint now.


Blogger Weeping Sore said...

Mmmmm, wilted lint, mmmmmmm.

1:20 AM  

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