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I took these early this morning, and I could not get good light. In any event, here is my Charlotte. I finished her in March or so, and had blocked her well. I tend to just wrap her around my neck instead of wearing her as a proper shawl, so the shawl has contracted a lot. I like knitting lace, and I have to say that this pattern quickly became tedious. I finished it in just over a week, though, so at least she knitted up quickly. By the time I was finished knitting I was so bored with the pattern that I'd even lost interest in putting fringe on her. I'll get to that some day. I took my time with this shawl. With each yarn change (and there are many) I felted the ends together instead of knotting the yarn and sewing in the ends. I've seen blogs and web pages for stores that claim Koigu is superwash. It is not. Don't knit yourself some socks and felt them in the wash. It felts easily! I love Threadbears web page and their two blogs, but they still have Koigu listed as superwash on their site. If you have not checked out their blogs, do so. There is so much Koigu inspiration! At the end of this last school year, I went down to Wildfiber in Santa Monica and walked out with a big ole bag of Koigu (and a large Visa bill). I want to make a jacket or something. I now have dozens of skeins of Koigu, and many more partially used skeins. I'm just waiting to find an ideal jacket pattern. I'm not confident enough to make one up. Yet.


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