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Here's one scarf I wove early this summer. It's tencel weft and warp. The warp came from Heritage Yarns; they sell hand painted ready to go warp chains. I really like them because I can just put them on the loom and weave after about 2 hours of work instead of a million hours of work. I don't remember the yarn weight, but I used a 12 dent reed, and wove it with 24 ends per inch (or two ends per dent). I love the colors. I'm slowly working on knitting a tank top in the same color way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really,REALLY lovely!I like your knitted stuff as well,but as I don't weave and know nothing about it but the basics,I stand in complete awe of this scarf!

I'm really blown away.Its THAT nice!
-jo"kittybootz"on ravelry

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